A Growth Mindset

Pacific Coast Land Company (“PCLC”) develops and constructs a portfolio of long term real estate holdings, rentals and owner occupied developments. Currently over 50 properties are managed in the portfolio. PCLC primarily focuses on residential multi-family units on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Planning for the Future

Pacific Coast Land Company (“PCLC”) is headquartered in the greater Victoria region and we are proud of our Vancouver Island heritage. In 2003 a local group of successful business professionals banded together to create PCLC. Our common goal is to construct high quality multi-unit rental housing and owner occupied developments. 

Opportunities to Grow

Completion of our multi-unit complex in the summer of 2017,  marked the 5th property consisting of 5-20 units.  In 2019 we completed “Thetis Lakeside”, a 60 unit property condo property located in View Royal. With the completion and now the sale of Thetis Lakeside well under way our next project, a 30+ unit Condo development in downtown Langford is slated to begin in the Fall of 2019.